Fern Ave

Fern Ave

Build completed: 2015

Between multi-stage, extensive renovation projects, 505 finds time for smaller, specialty jobs. One of these was for a grand villa in Fern Avenue built at the turn of last century for the Golf Club.

A creation of cedar and glass

505 constructed an unusual pergola with a cedar and glass roof above a dark slate floor that extends into paths alongside adjoining buildings. Softly framing the whole is a scattered stand of mature palms, carefully framed by garden beds or flowering shrubs.

High class outdoor dining

This cedar pergola creates an outdoor dining space complete with cooking and storage to one side, and a woodpile stacked ready for cooler weather. It’s perfect for gatherings under the stars, summer or winter.

A perfect fit in any weather

The rich reddish brown of the fresh cedar will eventually weather to a distinctive silver. With a roofline that exactly matches the angle of the adjacent wing of the house, this brash new feature sets off the old world charm of the residence.